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Kleine Vogel

Customed Designed Clothing and hand knitted blankets

Our Story

A little story about the bird and me, the company founder

Kleine Vogel means “little bird” in Dutch.  My maiden name, Kusse, is Dutch. I’m quite proud of my Dutch heritage and was able to visit the Netherlands where I became even more enamored with all things Dutch, especially the people!   

I've inherited my love of sewing and knitting and all things crafty. My grandmother was a tailor and made the most beautiful clothing for us. I spent many hours learning her skills.  

Fast forward to 2017 and I took up photography and found myself looking up in to the sky, fascinated with birds and capturing them in pictures.  The bluebird photo here is one of my favorites.  I chose the bluebird for Kleine Vogel as it pays homage to my native New York (it’s the state bird). 

I am passionate about creating things that have meaning, are made to last and become hand-me-downs.  I'd love the opportunity to create something for you.


CEO of Comfort and Kleine Vogel

what we do

We create custom garments from oh-so-versatile linen.   

Have an antique tablecloth that sits on a shelf unloved and unused?  We can repurpose it in to a beautiful children's dress! Take a look in the gallery for ideas!  and...

Hand Knit Blankets

We Hand Knit impossibly soft chenille blankets which will definitely become a favorite in your home!  They are machine washable and hypoallergenic.

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